Our Mission

Empowering Individuals to Age with Grace, Dignity, and Purpose.

How CareJOY Started

Jean-Pierre Khoueiri

Founder & CEO

"There are 10,000 people retiring every day. These 10,000 people will soon be facing the trials and tribulations of our current health system. Our healthcare system is keeping us from enjoying the actual benefits of having a system in the first place. Doctors are unreachable, bills are remarkably high & trusted caregivers are difficult to find. CareJOY's mission is to fill this gap. I believe that if there is care to be given there should be no barriers."

Benefits Families & Caregivers

CareJOY is a growing online in home care platform & professional caregiver matchmaking marketplace. What does this mean? It means that families can benefit from the ability to pick and choose exactly what they want from their caregiver. Family members are not only able to find caregivers close to home but also those who enjoy the same activities, music, food & more.  

Simply put; CareJOY empowers families to easily find, hire, manage & pay licensed caregivers online.

With the help of the CareJOY platform, families and caregivers alike will be able to manage scheduling, time tracking, care coordination and payment processes. 

CareJOY is filling the gap in healthcare.