CareJOY is a secure online professional caregiver network.

Looking for the perfect caregiver?

Let CareJOY match you with a caregiver who's purpose is not only to provide care but to become your best friend. With the use of our advanced algorithm finding a caregiver that fits your needs, budget and personality will be as easy as making a friend in kindergarten. Our network of caregivers are background checked, licensed & ready to meet you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It does all the work for you! CareJOY matches you with real life, caring people that fit your exact needs and then some. The advanced matching algorithm matches both parties together based on care needs, shared interests & personality compatibility. Not only will you be able to receive the care you need but you'll also gain a friend. All caregivers are background checked and carefully selected by the CareJOY team to deliver excellence. Families & caregivers can save thousands of dollars per year using this direct approach by avoiding any additional fees that traditional agencies call for. CareJOY empowers caregivers to set their own schedules & enjoy the freedom of being their own boss as well as allows families to pick and choose a trusted caregiver to provide for their loved ones.

Start by visiting our home page and entering the location of care. You'll be taken to a list of care providers who work in that area. From there, you can directly message one of the caregivers or if you're looking for a more refined and personalized list you can sign up. We will walk you through this quick step-by-step process. Once you're all signed up, you will be matched with caregivers who can meet everything from your care needs to your budget to your favorite ice cream. This list of matches will continuously update as caregivers join the CareJOY team. If you prefer to have the caregiver reach out to you, you may also create a quick care listing with a few quick details of your loved ones needs. Once you are all set up with a care provider you will be given the tools to track, schedule & manage the care every step of the way.

It is 100% Free to use for both caregivers and families. You may sign up, post listings, search for care providers and navigate the site as much as you'd like for absolutely no cost. The cost of care is significantly less than traditional in home care agencies and facilities. Hourly rates can range from as low as $10/ hour to $25/ hour depending on the level & specific location of care.

CareJOY is an online platform that gives families the tools to find, schedule & manage care that match their specific needs, budget & personality. We are here for the families who cannot afford or do not want to pay extra for a traditional home care agency. These agencies can charge upwards of 50% on top of the caregiver salary for various administrative reasons.

Since we are not an in home care agency, prices are much lower and a high percentage of the money spent on care goes straight to the caregiver motivating them to love their job & give quality care.

CareJOY gives families the ability to pick and choose their care provider as apposed to being given whichever caregiver is available at the time. Families can specify what they need and will never be put in a position of risk due to unqualified caregivers. All caregivers on CareJOY have gone through background checks as well as have had their licenses verified.